2010 Events

2010 Robbins Farm Park Events
If you have an event at Robbins Farm Park or in the neighborhood and would like to post it here on the web site, or are interested in volunteering to help out at one of our events, please get in touch with us at:
  • Spring Clean-Up & Kite Day ——- Sunday, May 2nd, 9am
    Bring your trowels, rakes, leaf rakes, shovels and pruning shears and meet your neighbors at the Park! And while we’re there, we’ll celebrate the crocus, daffodils and tulips planted at Robbins Farm Park last fall! Bring you kites as well and hope for good wind at one of the area’s best kite-flying locations.

  • Independence Day Celebration——- Sunday, July 4th, 6pm
    On the 4th of July, Arlington will again celebrate America’s birthday in style at Robbins Farm Park. There will be musical entertainment from the John Penny Band (starting at 7:00), refreshments, and of course, the Boston Pops Orchestra and Fireworks on the giant screen (fireworks start at 10:30). The event is free and open to all.

  • Harvard Alumni Jazz Band ——- Thursday, July 15th., 6:30pm
    Join us on for a free jazz concert by the Alumni Jazz Band, a 15-piece jazz big band with members from Arlington and surrounding communities. Enjoy the music of Count Basie, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, and many others!

  • Shakespeare in the Park ——- Sunday, August 1st, 5pm
    The Rebel Shakespeare Company performs Othello at Menotomy Rocks Park .

  • Free Rockin’ Robbins Concert——-Saturday, August 14th, 6pm to 8pm
    The Friends of Robbins Farm Park would like to invite everyone to our second free concert of the summer.Two bands, Public Interest and Chris Nauman & Friends, will be performing at our first Rockin’ Robbins Concert.
    The concert is FREE thanks to the generosity of the bands, which both feature some performers who live in the park neighborhood. This is a great event for all ages. We encourage people to bring your own picnic dinner.

  • Movie Night ——-Saturday, August 21th, approx. 8pm.
    The movie will be an animation festival featuring three short films by Nick Park featuring Wallace and Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures. Light refreshments will be sold.

  • Arlington Town Day ——Saturday, September 25th
    Come by the FORFP booth and say hello!

  • Boston Baseball NightCANCELED-Friday, October 1st, 7:05pm
    Watch your favorite Boston team on the big screen!

  • Annual Field Day ——-Saturday, October 23th, 1pm to 5pm
    This family-oriented event will include old-fashioned races (3-legged, egg-on-the spoon, sack race, etc.) and a nature scavenger hunt. Moon walks, face painting, and seasonal refreshments will be available for a nominal charge.

  • Fall Clean up Day/Bulb Planting——-Sunday November 7th, 9am to 12pm
    Join your friends and neighbors to get the park ready for winter (and spring)!

    (Details subject to change and to approval by the Arlington Recreation Department)

  • Astronomy Night with Jeff Alexander——- Saturday, May 22nd, 8:45pm
    Mars and More! Mars is setting in the first few hours of darkness and Saturn will be right near the Moon. Come early and watch as Venus sets in the west. The sky is full of sights! Check Arlington Astronomy Nights ’10

  • Arlington Soapbox Derby Race Day——- Saturday, June 6th
    The racetrack is Eastern Ave adjacent to RFP. For the second year local youth will compete in downhill, gravity powered racers that they build themselves with a parent / adult for a chance to represent Arlington at the 72nd annual All-American Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio. Check Arlington Soap Box Derby for latest info.

  • Astronomy Night with Jeff Alexander——- Saturday, June 19th, ~9:30pm
    Come by for a glimpse of Saturn and its rings. Saturn is coming out of a period of its rings being edge-on to us so if you came last year, think about how it looked and compare it to this time! Mars and the Moon will also be good targets for part of the night. (Rain date June 20th) Check Arlington Astronomy Nights ’10

  • Astronomy Night with Jeff Alexander——- Saturday, July 17th, ~9:30pm
    Look at the whole sky and learn to spot some of the summer constellations. The moon sets fairly early, leaving us with as dark a sky as we can get in Arlington. Bring a pair of binoculars to help you see some of the fainter formations. We’ll try to spot some deep sky objects too. Come early to enjoy watching the stars come out. (Rain date July 18th) Check Arlington Astronomy Nights ’10
  • Astronomy Night with Jeff Alexander——- Saturday, August 12th, 8:30pm
    The Perseid Meteor Shower begins this evening. Come to the park to watch the show. The moon will set at dusk, making good conditions for meteor watching. Bring a blanket or a beach chair so you can lie down and look up to see the whole sky. Check Arlington
    Astronomy Nights ’10
  • Astronomy Night with Jeff Alexander——- Saturday, September 25th, ~8:00pm
    Jupiter returns to the evening sky, rising in the east. See some of Jupiter’s moons, Io, Europa, and Ganymede. See if you can make out the different stripes of color/shades of grey across the planet! (Rain date September 26th) Check Arlington Astronomy Nights ’10
    (Details subject to change and to approval by the Arlington Recreation Department)